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July 2015 - The band return to the live scene with a new vocalist on September 12 at Holmfirth Picturedrome supporting Stereo MC's - INFO
February 2015 - 'We Run Tings'  new single March 23
The new single featuring Sugar Merchant will be released by Stereokill Recordings  on march 23 2015 - order here
December 2014 - New recordings
Well it's been a difficult year, I guess that's how it goes when the singer leaves the band. It's been a bit lost for a while as most of the band got involved with other projects. The good news is that there are loads of new songs written & the first one is recorded. It's called 'Northern Town' & features Paris Angels frontman Rikki Turner on vocals. We are recording a few more tunes with various excellent guest over the coming months. Firstly though we have the last single 'Run Tings' with Sugar on vocals. That will be heading your way at the end of February.. More news on that soon.
July 2014 - New Single Release
Big apologies about the several delays regarding the new single 'Run Tings', problem is when the singer leaves the band it kind of throws a spanner in the works & we lost focus for a while. The mix will be in in the next week or so & then we can sort a release date. The song is called 'Run Ting's' & is a pretty cool goodbye from Sugar.
In the meantime the rest of the band have been on different projects all which will be released over the enxt 6 months or so. Having said that new chapter of the SupaJamma story has not been neglected. There are around 20 new SupaJamma tunes written, 3 recorded & when we;'ve got the 4th down there will be a 7 inch vinyl EP up for grabs. The band will be 'SupaJamma Inc'. as we have invited various guest vocalists to contribute their talents to the songs. The first of 3 such releases will be early next year & we are planning some live events.
June 2014 - Physical Album Release
There will be a compilation of all the SupaJamma recordings available on CD album following the final single with Sugar. This will include the original 'That Was Then, This is Now' EP plus the current & next single with a few tunes that are still waiting to be mixed. Might just look at a couple of bonus demos as well. It will be a limited release. More news when it's all sorted.
April 2014 - New Single - 'We Run Tings' - update
It's nearly there, a few glitches that needed ironing out on the recordings side but it will be worth the wait.
Jan 03 - New Single - 'We Run Tings' - coming soon
Happy New Year to all the SupaJamma massive. A big thanks to everyone who bought our last single 'Hope & Pray' the next single 'We Run Tings' will be available soon - just working on that killer mix!
Nov 11 - New Single - 'Hope and Pray' - out NOW
Get your copy of the new single 'Hope and Pray' here -
Also available on over 100 other digital outlets.
Oct 4 - New Single
The long awaited new single 'Hope and Pray' will be available for digital download on all your favourite outlets from Novemeber 11.
July 24 - Ramsbottom Festival Date
The band have been added to the excellent Ramsbottom Festival - 13 - 15 September. Showtime for SupaJamma 8.30pm September 14
May 24 - new single - 'Hope and Pray'
It's on it's way - mix it the mix it again, perfection takes longer.
April 06 - new single


sorry it's taken longer than anticipated, it's been mixed, remixed turned inside out scrapped & recorded again in the seek of sonic perfection - happy to report we are now sat on 3 possible singles & are in the process of choosing which is the first - Release date will be last week in June. Album will be in November - also there will be a very special 7 inch vinyl & very limited edition.

March 31 - Rastmouse

The rumour mill proves that many of you are paying attention, it's official that Mr Merchant is the voice behind the theme tune to BBC series Rastamouse. And there's more but that's for the future.



​14 13
The Ramsbottom Festival


15 13
The Picturedrome - Holmfirth

with Lee Scratch Perry

​14 12

Duchess of York - York

with Dreadzone

March 30 - New Video - 'Rudi' (from Distant Drums)

​Dec07 12


Band on the Wall - Manchester

with Dreadzone

March 4 - Distant Drums - release news

Distant Drums is an amazing compilation album of 40 Manchester artists who have all donated tracks in memory of Paris Angels drummer Simon Worrall. The profits from this album will be donated to Hectors Charity for the baby unit at St Marys Hospital Manchester. We have specially recorded a song for the album 'Rudi' which was Simon's favourite SupaJamma song. Show your support for the project & download the whole album from here -

January 17- Album & Single release news

The album is sounding the bomb, couple of working titles for you 'We Run Tings', 'Talk About Me Brown, Talk About Me Black', 'How can a Man be Happy?', 'Jah Children', the working title for the album is currently 'Are You Ready for We?'

The first new song will be 'Rudi' which will feature on the 'Distant Drums' Manchester compilation for Big Si Worrall & that's out on March 4Following that we will be releasing a 7 inch & download single in May. Watch this space for ordering details.

January 10 - Live show news - Lee Scratch Perry

We're delighted to report that we will be playing alongside the legendary Lee Perry at his show at The Holmfirth Picturedrome on February 15 2013. Hit the link below for details


Lee Perry at Holmfirth + SupaJamma

December 27 - Big news about new Manchester Compilation album 'Distant Drums'

We are honoured to be part of an amazing new compilation album  of classic Manchester artists, the album is dedicated to the memory of Paris Angels drummer Big Si Worrall. The profits from the sales of this album where all artists have donated their tracks royalty free will go to the Hector Boon Charity for St Marys Hospital Manchester. The album is 27 tracks long & featured Paris Angels, Clint Boon Experience, The Sun & The Moon, Intastella, Tony Ogden, Andy Whitaker, The Inspiral Carpets, Thrush Puppies, The Cornelius Crane, Music For Aborigines, Weaveworld + many more. The SupaJamma song featured will be a brand new recording of live favourite 'Rudi' & it will be exclusive to this album. Hit the link to the Bandcamp promo page

December 03 - Live shows with Dreadzone

The band have been invited to play some live shows with Dreadzone, the band on the Wall Manchester on December 7 & at The Duchess in York on December 14., the second one to be confirmed is The Duchess of York in York December 14

October 30 - Recordings Update

The band have been firmly entrenched in writing for the last few months with over 20 new songs written but will be in the studio this week recording 'Rudi' for a very special Manchester compilation to commemorate the life of Simon Worrall drummer with The Paris Angels. The album will feature new recordings from The Paris Angels, The Sun & The Moon & also recordings by The Clint Boon Experience, Eliza P, Music For Aborigenes, Andy Whitaker, Thrush Puppies, the Cornelius Crane & More. The profits from the release will be donated to Hector Boon's Charity for St Marys Hospital/Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  The album will be available through Stereokill Recordings on Februar 18 2013

- Vinyl .......​

September 27

OK it's been a while since we started the mail list for the seven inch vinyl, sorry about the delay but the band decided to write & record a full album before the next release. One of the uideas currently under discussion is making a series of 3 seven inch singles & then the album will be a free download for asnyone who bought a seven. If all gioes to plan the labum will also be a CD / DVD affair. Time will tell.

July 14

- New website

New website, the regular reader / listener may notice that this date isn't entirely accurate. We lost all the files of the old site in the great hard drive loss of February 2012 & this was originally started in July.

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