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Dog Toffee -
'The Future Has Been' EP
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Distance From Zero  - Album release - 'Pilot Error' will be released through all major digital platforms on October 24 2020. Check updates from the band here - www.facebook.com/distancefromzero
Johnny Come Latelys - Name Change & Release We JCL will now be releasing material as Distance from Zero but JCL have have a previously unreleased album of material. The album is called 'Collateral Damage'. Apparently some of it was written as far back as 1980! Most was recorded between 2006 & 2010. Available as a download exclusively from www.johnnycomelatelys.bandcamp.com 
Stereokill  - OK we've been quiet for a while but we have been busy, there are a couple of releases in the pipeline. Stay posted.
Dead Captain - The the Tameside slacker duo will be releasing a new single 'Carte Blanche on April 15th
Dead Captain -  We are delighted to announce that we have Dead Captain on our roster. Their debut EP will be available July 17 2017.
Johnny Come Latelys -  The band will be hitting the studio in August to record the first full band EP.
Dog Toffee - 'The Future Has Been' 1996 (EP) - Manchester punk 'n roll legends Dog Toffee's original EP, never before released due to their signing to Sony before they had chance to get it out. Available in April 2017 from you favourite digial outlets.
Johnny Come Latelys - 'Judas Factor (EP) - The second EP 'Judas Factor' is now available for free on Bandcamp for a limited time. The band will be recording their debut album later this year & will be playing some live shows  in the summer.
Johnny Come Latelys - 'Messiah Complex Part 1 (EP) - new project by ex SupaJamma bass player Simon Collier. Also featuring the mighty drumming talents of SupaJamma & The Cornelius Crane drummer Dan Adams. EP out soon. Debut tune 'The Truth Behind the Lies' can be heard on youtube now.
SupaJamma - new material  --  the band are back in the studio following the departure of singer Sugar Merchant. They are recording an album featuring guest singers, the first guest is Paris Angels frontman Rikki Turner who has sung on the new song 'Northern Town'. Prior to that we will be releasing the last single with Sugar singing, the song is caled 'We Run Ting's. There will also be a CD release of the bands recorded output featuring Sugar sometime early summer.
The Cornelius Crane - Live Shows  --  The band ave had some incredible support since the release of their now critically acclaimed single 'Soul in the Lightning'.  Just about every North West radio station has played them & they have performed several live on air sessions. At last they also have the support of BBC 6Music following sterling support from the Manchester Music show on BBC Radio Manchester.  The new single 'Heddonly' will be out in the new year followed by their debut full length album. Check the bands Ethiad Stadium performance here - http://mcfc.co.uk/citytv/City-Square/2014/November/City-v-Swansea-The-Cornelius-Crane
The Cornelius Crane - Live Shows  --  The band will play at The Ethiad Stadium on November 22 ahead of the Manchester City Swansea City Game.
They will also play as support to Alabama 3 at Holmfirth Picturedrome on November 28 Manchester Academy 2 on November 29
The Cornelius Crane  -- The new single 'Soul in the Lightening' is picking up some great
reviews. There has been fantastic radio support, a lot of it in the North but also in the US & Australia. BBC Introducing have been playing it. BBC Manchester's Mike Sweeney had this to say about the band: " So organic .. The feel of 'now' with the soul of the late 60s .. Led Zep's blues meets The Band .." We coul;dn't have said it better ourselves.
The single is available from over 100 digittal suppliers & also on CD from October 27. The band will perform a invite only show on Saturday October 25 at Tiger Lounge Manchester. If you'd like to know more please mail us.
The Cornelius Crane  --  the much anticipated new single 'Sould in the Lightening from Manchester's The Cornelius Crane will be available from October 27 from all major digital outlets & also in a luxury limited  digipak edition
The Cornelius Crane  --  the band that everyone who knows anything about anything about new music is talking about 'The Cornelius Crane have a new single coming in October. The song is called 'Soul in the Lightening'  Watch this space. You can also catch the band at the YNot festival Sunday August 3 -
SupaJamma  --  The final SupaJamma single featuring Martin 'Sugar' Merchant on vocals will be released in November 2014 - The song is called 'We Run Tings'. Sugar has retired from the music industry much to our disapointment but good luck to him with his future endeavours. The rest of the band will continue as SupaJamma Inc. They will be releasing 3 or 4 EP's on vinyls followed by a CD album. There are several guests performing vocal duties but it will be 2015 before anything is released.
Paris Angels  --  The new Paris Angels single 'Shake' will be released on May 28.  The song was recorded for the 'Eclipse' album back in 1992 & remains unreleased until now. It will be available from over 100 digital outlets.
The Cornelius Crane --  The band will be releasing a few songs through Irish label Ruby Music
Paris Angels  --  The 92 album 'Eclipse' will be released later in the year but willbe preceeded by another single 'Shake'. The band are currently working on a radio edit for release in June 2014.
SupaJamma  --  There will be a new single 'We Run Tings' available shortly, the band are just adding the final touches to the mix & we;'ll be announcinga release date.
As singer Sugar has now retired from singing we will be compiling all the work he recorded with the band for a physical CD release later in the year.
The rest of the band are currently working on a full album of brand new material featuring various very special guest vocalists. A name for this project has yet to be decided but more news of this when we have it to tell.
SupaJamma  --  The long awaited new single from SupaJamma featuring the mighty vocals of ex Audioweb frontman Martin 'Sugar' Merchant is now available for pre-order at i.tunes & Amazon. The release date is November 14 2013 There is a minutes preview of the track on i.tunes

Louder Than War  - Review of ed Banger & The Nosebleeds 'You've Been Tango'd 'A three minute punk rush of buzz-saw guitars & a quick fire beat as well as some of that cocky Manc whit from the man they called the Mancunian Frank Zappa. His influence on groups like The Smiths, The Cult and Primal Scream has been duly noted with the band’s place being positioned at the forefront of Manchester’s music revival of the late 70′s…and so something like 36 years later Ed Banger and The Nosebleeds and back and about to release their new single on August 26th.'


Retrophobic - Interview with Ed Banger'


Ramsbottom Festival  --  We're delighted to announce that two of our bands - SupaJamma & The Cornelius Crane will be performing at the excellent Ramsbottom Festival. SupaJamma on saturday Sept 14 & The Cornelius Crane on Sunday September 15. More details & ticket information here.
Distant Drums - Live Show  --  October 31 2013 will see a special charity show featuring contributing artists from the Distant Drums charity album. The show will feature Sub Sex, The Cornelius Crane, Mark Burgess & Friends & The Sothern Electric. Further details on facebook with ticket link here.
Distance From Zero - 'Pilot Error'
1 Distance from Zero - Pilot Error Cover

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from October 10 2020


Johnny Come Latelys - 'Collateral Damage'
JCL - Album  Collateral Damage 4 copy.jp

Available on bandcamp May 2020

Dead Captain - 'Carte Blanche'
Dead Captain - Carte Blanche - cover art
Dog Toffee - 'Pull Out & Shoot'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from April  2017


The Cornelius Crane -
'Soul in the Lightning'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from Oct 27 2014


Paris Angels - 'Shake'

Available now on Bandcamp


SupaJamma - 'Hope and Pray'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from November 11 2013


Paris Angels - 'Door to Summer'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from August 26 2013


Ed Banger & the Nosebleed - 'You've Been Tango'd'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets From June 17 2013

The Cornelius Crane 'EP'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets - Hit the album cover for an i.tunes link to the download after that date

Also available on CD


Manchester Artists Compilation in Memory of Big Si Worrall

'Distant Drums'

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets March 4 - Hit the album cover for an i.tunes link to the download.


The Cornelius Crane 

'EP Too

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from October 20 2012


The Suns 

'Last of the Lonely Hearts

Links to amazon mp3

Available From All Major Digtal Outlets from September 10 2012


The Suns ​- 'Jessica'

Available for Download April 24

Digital Single


'That Was Then,This is Now'

Available Now From i.tunes

Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds  --  The legendary Manchester punk band n are back with a new single 'You've Been Tango'd' which is out on August 26 & a new album 'Kicking Off' on September 30.
The Cornelius Crane --  Physical copies of the new EP are now available in the mega Deluxe digipak CD. If you want a copy mail order in the UK they are £5 including postage - please contact here for details
Paris Angels --  The new single 'Door to Summer is lined up & ready to go. You can grab a download of this summertime gem on July 22 from most digital outlets.
Site Issues --  I think I broke it ....  there are some navigation issues, thanks for giving us the heads up, we're on it.  Home & Contact page still intact.
The Cornelius Crane --  The new eponymous EP is now available for i.tunes, amazon & all major digital outlets. The CD version will be available shortly. The track titles include 'The Needle & the Gun, They Talk in Circles, Silver Tongue of an Actor,  The Differenec Between You & me. The CD version will be in a limited edition digipak

SupaJamma --  New single - the new single will be 'Hope & Pray'  a big dose of Manchester 'Trip Hop', expect big dub & Sugar Merchants split personality sweet & spiteful delivery. The single will be available as the radio edit download & also a 7 inch vinyl which will have the full 6 minutes 20 version, the radio edit & the now legendary 'Supajamma' aka bad Mofo, this should've been an A side but a big bonus for the physical single buyers. Contact us  to pre-order.

Paris Angels --  New single - the new single will be 'Door to Summer' an aptly titled uplifting tune taken from their, soon to be releases, 92 album, 'Eclipse'. The song sounds both fresh & evocative of the era. The single will be available as a digital download from all major providers from July 15

Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds - new single - The new single is entitles 'You've Been Tango'd' & will be available digitally from July 1. The album will follow on July 29 both digitally & on CD. There will be an album launch show at The Star & Garter Manchester on July 27

The Cornelius Crane - Following last years critically acclaimed 'EP Too' from our Manchester alt country crew, now  further expanded to a 5 piece, there will be another release simply self titles 'The Cornelius Crane EP'. The EP will be available digitally & in CD format from June 17.

SupaJamma - After the great reception of the song 'Rudi' on the 'Distant Drums' album Sugar Merchant will be back with another new song in the shape of a single in June 2013. Good news is this will be both digital & a physical release in the shape of a 7 inch vinyl. Drop us a line on the contacts page for your pre-order.

Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds - We're very proud to announce that Mancunian legends Edbanger & the Nosebleeds have signed to the label for the release of their new album which will be available at the end of July

The Cornelius Crane - Following last years critically acclaimed 'EP Too' from our Manchester alt country crew, now expanded to a 4 piece, there will be another release 'EP Three'. The EPm will be available digitally & in CD format at the end of June.

Paris Angels -- The long awaited 'Eclipse' album from 1992 will at last be released.  The artwork is in, the release will be August but the band are discussing a single for release before hand, more news on that when we have it.

​Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds - 'You've Been Tango'd - Live

​The Cornelius Crane 'Don't Blame This Heart of Mine'

​John The raptist - 'Opal'

The Cornelius Crane - Live at the bankswood Festival August 2014

Paris Angels - Door To Summer'

SupaJamma 'Rudi'

​SupaJamma 'Madaboutit'